Invited Talks

“Language Socialization across Contexts: The Case of Development Discourses in East Africa.” Course: Language in Action: Perspectives from Applied Linguistics (Prof. Olga Yokoyama). UCLA, November 2014.

“Agency in New (Mediated) Public Spaces in East Africa.” Course: Language and Culture Course. Department of Anthropology (Prof. Candy Goodwin). UCLA, March 2014.

“Language Socialization and Sexual Desire in Reproductive Health Classes.” Course: Language, Gender, and Sexuality in African Contexts (Prof. Katrina Daly Thompson) University of Wisconsin-Madison, February 2014.

“Creating Context for Novice Learners.” STARTALK the National Security Language Initiative, Portland, OR, October 2013.

“Language in Society: Male/Female Circumcision in East Africa.” Course: Linguistic Anthropology. Department of Anthropology (Prof. Candy Goodwin). UCLA, May 2013.

Conference Presentations

“Gospel of Vasectomy” and “Male Mutilation”: Agency, gender and family planning in participatory media in East Africa,” American Anthropological Association, Denver, CO, November, 2015.

“Multimodality of turn-taking and epistemic authority in Tanzanian-American co-teaching about reproductive health,” 8th World Congress on African Linguistics, Kyoto, Japan, August, 2015.

“Epistemic Authority and the Organization of Interaction in Tanzanian-American Co-teaching about Reproductive Health,” 21st Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization, Santa Barbara, CA, May 2015.

“Turn-Taking System in Interaction among English- and Swahili-English-Speaking Educators during Reproductive Health Classes in Rural Tanzania,” International Conference on Conversation Analysis, Los Angeles, CA, June 2014.

“Discursive practices for controlling opinion in public debates on homosexual rights in Tanzania,” American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL, November, 2013.

“Male Mutilation: An Ethnomethodological Perspective on Family Planning in Kenya,” American African Studies Association, Baltimore, MD, November, 2013. (with Michael Sean Smith).

“How Should We Kill Them – Through the Court or on the Spot?: Discursive Practices for Exercising Power in Swahili Public Debates About Homosexual Rights,” American African Studies Association, Baltimore, MD, November 2013.

“Transforming participation and voice in new media: an analysis of Swahili speakers’ de/construction of normative views in televised opinion programs,” Language and Social Interaction Interest Group Western States Communication Association, Reno, NV, February, 2013. (with Michael Sean Smith).

“Coordinated Use of Reported Speech and Directives for Conveying Normativity in Swahili Discourse,” Conference on Culture, Language, and Social Practice, Boulder, CO, October 2011.

“Rhetorical Analysis and Persuasive Strategies in Swahili: Towards Methodology,” Afrika im Blickpunkt. 1. Wiener Afrikawissenschaftliche Tagung fuer JungforscherInnen, Vienna, Austria, October 2009.

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